Taiko and shakuhachi

I have another video to share!  This one is the world premiere of my piece The root of the wind at the 2008 World Shakuhachi Festival in Sydney, Australia.  It was performed by TaikOz, with Hozan Nomura on shakuhachi.


Video of “Traces on the Farther Side”

Still thinking about Parthenia’s gorgeous performance of my piece A flower on the farther side at the Queens New Music Festival  on Sunday May 13.  And now I have a link to share:

Traces on the Farther Side

This is a music visualization created by Wendy Steiner and Andrew Lucia to go with A flower on the farther side.  Here‘s their description:

TRACES ON THE FARTHER SIDE (2011), a music visualization in real time, seeks visual expression for the delicacy and otherworldliness of Frances White’s A FLOWER ON THE FARTHER SIDE (2010), whose inspiration in turn lies in a chant by the medieval mystic, Hildegard of Bingen. TRACES assigns each of the four viols and the prerecorded track of wind sounds and viol chords to its own panel, where they generate colored marks according to the characteristics of their unfolding sound. The prerecorded line in the middle panel keeps within its bounds with the stability of a cantus firmus, whereas the four viols are given the freedom to interact unpredictably, simulating the communicative nods and glances of PARTHENIA’s musicians as they play. No two runs of the app for TRACES can be exactly the same, and so the final frames of this programmed creation have the individuality of handmade works of art.



New site and new CD

Welcome to my new website! I’m very excited about it. I hope it will be much easier to explore, and much easier to find music! I will be adding more audio clips on the Music page soon, and I will be making all my scores available for purchase on the Recordings and scores page.

I’m also very excited about my new CD In the library of dreams, available from Pogus Productions.  It features magnificent performances by Ralph Samuelson, eighth blackbird, David Cerutti, Liuh-Wen Ting, and Thomas Buckner, and gorgeous cover art by Lothar Osterburg.

For more information and orders, please visit the Pogus website.

Tracing premiere

Tracing, for trombone and electronic sound, will be premiered in March at the Interpretations concert series in New York. This work was commissioned by the MAP Fund for the exquisite trombonist Monique Buzzarté


New multimedia project with Parthenia

I am working on an exciting collaboration with the viol consort Parthenia, librettist/producer Wendy Steiner, and architect/computer visualization specialist Andy Lucia. In this project, called Traces on the Farther Side, the music of my piece A flower on the farther side (commissioned by the Fromm Foundation for Parthenia) will trigger mysterious and beautiful visual tracks, in both live performance and as DVD installation. Traces on the Farther Side will be performed this October at Picture Ray Studio in NYC.