Year: 2010

Freestyle playlist, holiday edition

I guess I’ve been good, since Samantha Claus left some new music under the tree this year. So, of course, I’ve been having fun playing through various new scores, and learning more about what playing really means to me.

Palais de mari: Breathing

There is a particular two-chord pattern that develops towards the end of Palais de mari that caught my attention early on. It reminded me of conscious breathing.

More on Cheap imitation

After my previous post on Cage’s Cheap imitation, I have been thinking more about the piece and doing some poking around. Here are some random thoughts about it.

Beginning Palais de mari

I’ve started working on Morton Feldman’s Palais de mari, and I plan to do a number of posts on this piece as it sinks in. And I’ll start at the beginning, writing about the nature of opening ideas in late Feldman.