Month: November 2012

John Cage and spirituality

I’ve been reading “On an overgrown path” on how spirituality could be a huge marketing opportunity for classical music. Classical music, the author proposes, should drawn on its deep spiritual heritage and sell itself as the “kind of unique life enriching experience” that it actually can be. Part of what makes me mention this here is that the author quotes John Cage’s formulation of the purpose of music: To sober and quiet the mind making it susceptible to divine influences.

John Cage in Iran

This being the John Cage centennial year, I have been receiving a number of requests in my e-mail lately. A most interesting recent request was to write an essay for a music magazine in Iran.

Morton Feldman speaks with Beethoven

The latest music to migrate from the bookshelf to the piano to be worked on are pieces by Morton Feldman and Beethoven. What I’m finding is that these pieces are talking to each other—or at least Feldman is speaking to Beethoven—about voicing, weight, and sound.