John Cage

Essays and posts on the music of American composer John Cage (1912-1992)

John Cage’s silent piece(s)

Everyone knows that John Cage wrote a piece of music that is nothing but silence. But in fact there are four different works by Cage that he considered silent. This eight-part series examines the history of both Cage’s conception of silence and of these four pieces: Silent prayer (1948), 4′ 33″ (1952), 0′ 00″ (1962), and One3 (1989). 1. […]

On the Cage/Feldman “Radio Happenings”

On the Cage/Feldman Radio Happenings This is a series of posts about the Radio Happenings shows of 1966–1967, over four hours of conversations between John Cage and Morton Feldman broadcast on WBAI in New York. It covers the history of these shows, including the story of how I rediscovered them twenty years after their initial broadcast. 1. The Happenings […]