Morton Feldman

Writings about the music of American composer Morton Feldman (1926-1987)

Morton Feldman: For Bunita Marcus

Notes for the Mode Records release of Morton Feldman’s “For Bunita Marcus”, performed by Aki Takahashi

Triadic memories

An ongoing, sporadic series examining aspects of Morton Feldman’s Triadic memories for piano. The series has no overarching structure, but instead takes up individual moments, images, and questions about the piece and follows them where they lead. Triadic memory #1: Hand-made music Triadic memory #2: A question about rhythm Triadic memory #3: A figure in memory

On the Cage/Feldman “Radio Happenings”

On the Cage/Feldman Radio Happenings This is a series of posts about the Radio Happenings shows of 1966–1967, over four hours of conversations between John Cage and Morton Feldman broadcast on WBAI in New York. It covers the history of these shows, including the story of how I rediscovered them twenty years after their initial broadcast. 1. The Happenings […]