James Pritchett: Writings on Cage (& others)

While listening to the waves (at Island Beach)

1 (looking down)

All that exists now is a strip of sand which the sea occasionally touches, then releases with a transient shimmer (wet sand, dry sand; wet sand--dry sand).

The middle way; neither of the land nor of the sea; balanced and invisible.

2 (looking up)

Two orange kites suspended in the blank blue sky; motionless.

3 (looking back)

A line of wooden posts, each with a gull stationed on top.

Behind that, the snow fence.

Behind that, the dunes--the curving line of sand meeting sky--crossed with strokes of grass.

Behind that, the chimney from the fisherman¹s house.

Behind that, a line of birds flying away.

Copyright 1998 by James Pritchett. All rights reserved.