Me & my piano

Posts about my personal relationship to the piano

Summer on L’isle joyeuse

It is becoming my summer tradition to learn something fun at the piano. Last summer, it was the Chopin Barcarolle; this summer, it was Debussy’s L’isle joyeuse.

Spring, modernist and romantic

Last month I decided that it was time to play something from that early 20th century modern period. I chose Bartók’s “Fourteen bagatelles”, but just couldn’t make great progress: different music requires different kinds of mental energy. So a week or two ago I put the Bartók down and picked up Schubert.

Mompou’s silent music

I’m playing Federico Mompou’s Musica callada (“Silent music”) these days. The music is beautiful and strange. I was attracted to this music by its title, which immediately put me in mind of Cage’s string quartet.

October playlist

Time to post another playlist of what’s been reverberating around here (both externally and internally). Here’s what’s been going on in September/October.


For years I fantasized about playing the Chopin Barcarolle. Now I have and am ridiculously pleased with myself. (video)

Playing with ease

Sviatoslav Richter’s Rachmaninoff has so much more of a sense of ease than mine. Where does that come from? How do I cultivate that?

September miscellany

Looking at the somewhat sparse blog postings lately, it looks like I’m just plowing through For Bunita Marcus and not much else. Not true!