Update: The Bloom and the Blackness

The full version of The Bloom and the Blackness, my collaboration with choreographer Alia Kache and writer James Pritchett, is scheduled for performance November 17-19 at Restoration Arts in Brooklyn.  I am so delighted and honored to be part of this beautiful work!

Here are some pictures of Alia and one of our magnificent dancers, Shay Bland, in The Bloom and the Blackness (Alia is the “Reine des Violettes” – Queen of the Violets – from The Old Rose Reader).


I find these pictures capture some of the beauty and tenderness of the dance, as well as some of the heartbreak.  But if you’d like to see more, please check out the links to video in my previous post! And please consider coming to see our shows in November.  More information will be posted here soon.















If you are interested in supporting The Bloom and the Blackness, you can donate by credit card at the link below:

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