palais de mari


Recently I’ve had a very engaging e-correspondence with pianist Adam Tendler about Morton Feldman, memory, and memorizing Feldman.

Palais de mari: continuity and articulation

I’ve taken a break from Feldman’s “Palais de mari” for awhile, but am playing it again more and starting to think about how this piece works: how does Feldman make the continuity? Let me begin with something very basic: the articulation of events within the piece.

Palais de mari: Breathing

There is a particular two-chord pattern that develops towards the end of Palais de mari that caught my attention early on. It reminded me of conscious breathing.

Beginning Palais de mari

I’ve started working on Morton Feldman’s Palais de mari, and I plan to do a number of posts on this piece as it sinks in. And I’ll start at the beginning, writing about the nature of opening ideas in late Feldman.