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Richard Karpen: Processes universal and human

[Notes for the Neuma CD release of Richard Karpen’s Elliptic (Strandlines II) and Aperture II, performed by The Six Tones and JACK Quartet] Strandlines are the delicate results of immense forces. The ocean moves back and forth under the influence of the gravitational interaction between the Earth and the Moon. The water creeps up the sandy incline of […]

David Tudor's realization of John Cage's Variations II

David Tudor’s realization of John Cage’s Variations II

Article describing David Tudor’s version for amplified piano of John Cage’s “Variations II” and how this could be considered more Tudor’s composition than Cage’s.


Here are some of my writings, mostly about John Cage, but some about other musical subjects, plus some poetry and stories. Table of contents Music: John Cage List of works Specific pieces General Other music On writing about music Poems & other texts Music: John Cage List of works A chronological listing of all the […]