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Seeing, hearing, writing

I’ve been reading Irving Sandler’s book on the Abstract Expressionist painters, The triumph of American painting. I picked this book up also because I wanted to study how someone writes about that art. I’ve gotten other things from my reading, too, and it makes me think about why we write about art and music, the relationship between artist, writer, and audience.

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Opening doors

The metaphor of opening doors into hidden worlds is powerful for me. I think of any writing project as starting when I find a door that opens into the world of whatever it is that I’m writing about. I’m often intimidated by my new project on Morton Feldman’s music, but I am also beginning to sense that there are doors to try.

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Here are some of my writings, mostly about John Cage, but some about other musical subjects, plus some poetry and stories. Table of contents Music: John Cage List of works Specific pieces General Other music On writing about music Poems & other texts Music: John Cage List of works A chronological listing of all the

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I’ve said that I’m more a storyteller than a musicologist. I was reminded of this while reading Kay Larson’s new book “Where the heart beats”. Our tellings of the story of Cage’s spiritual journey aren’t that far apart.

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