Fiction & poetry

I do write things other than non-fiction about music. Here are my fictional/poetic writings.

Site-specific writing

I just finished my latest project, which has been occupying me since January: the text for a new piece by Frances called “The third night”. It’s been an adventure and a discovery, my first text written specifically for video.

A sequel to “The old rose reader”

I’ve posted another piece of “non-non-fiction” here: As night falls, which is a kind of sequel to my earlier The old rose reader. Frances has composed a new work using this text and it will be premiered in Seattle later this month. For those not familiar with The old rose reader, here’s the story of that work, and then the story of how As night falls came about.

From a fairy tale

The garden was hers and hers alone, like everything in her life. There was a loneliness about it, and she had come to take this completely for granted.

As night falls

As night falls is a text written for Frances White’s composition of the same name, for violin, viola, narrator, and electronic sound.  It can be downloaded in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Lost in a fairy tale

I don’t usually talk or write much about my non-musical writing. One reason for this is that I don’t really know what I’m doing when I write what I call “non-nonfiction” (is it fiction? poetry? I have no idea). That world has become more important to me over the past few years, however, and thought I’d say a little bit about it and about a new piece titled “From a fairy tale.”